About Us

Where two or three are gathered in my name……………….

Our fellowship is with one another because of Jesus and He is the one we
come to seek. This has eternal consequences everything else will be
irrelevant a hundred or so years from now.

If you are addicted to anything else, (drugs, alcohol, etc.) you have
not found the one who fulfills all your needs. We are here to point you
in the right direction.

We offer our farm to those who are seeking Him or more of Him. We have
housing for individuals or small groups, for extended or short time
stays. Our Barn will facilitate groups up to 50 +/-. There is never a
charge. We operate on donations.

All  who seek a living relationship with Jesus are welcome – Jew or
Gentile –  from any racial or national background.

To contact Nahmen about the farm call 434-532-5257 or email nahmen@livingwaterfound.org

For open dates please call Dorothy  434-532-6201 or email: